No time to sew for yourself? Here is a list of independent* cottage industry mmmakers who are selling items made with MmmCrafts patterns. I've listed some of their specialities, but be sure to check with them about custom orders from other patterns they may have:

  • A Happy Carrot by Kim, California, USA
    Twelve Days ornament series
  • Earthy Mama Goods by Kari, Wisconsin, USA
    Wee Mouse Tin House
  • Jean Bean Gifts by Jeannie, Florida, USA
    Felt Ornaments and Flora Needle Books
  • JLeahC by Jennifer, Texas, USA
    Wee Mouse Tin House
  • Me and Ma by Maria, Lancashire, United Kingdom
    Katy Kitty, Mikey Monkey, Wee Mouse Tin House
  • Mirage River Creations
    Wee Mouse Tin House, Wee Princess Pea, TravelWees
  • Pikelet Workshop by Jen, Toronto, Canada
    Custom orders welcome!
  • RachelFound by Rachel, British Columbia, Canada
    Wee Mouse Tin House and Katy Kitty premade dolls
  • Rag-a-muffin Baby by Jessica, California, USA
    Offering items from all Mmmcrafts sewing patterns
  • Simply Reverie by Stephanie, Okinawa, Japan
    Gadget Cozies
  • Tantava Creations by Lalita, USA
    Twelve Days ornaments, 100% wool felt, custom orders welcome

*Independent meaning that these lovely crafty folks are not affiliated with me, my site or with my business and are in business for themselves! They'd love for you to direct any questions you have about their products, transactions or businesses directly to them. This is just a reference list for your convenience. Thank you!

Are you a mmmaker? Do you sell items sewn from my retail patterns? Readers want to know about you. Send me a link to your shop and I'll put it here.